Deaf Dog Waits At Window For Family To Return Even Though They’re Right Behind Him

The dog in this story is deaf. While this has not stopped the pooch from finding a loving and caring forever home, it has led to some pretty awesome moments. Now, we will finally have the chance to check out this relationship for ourselves. This dog is much like any other dog that you are going to find. He loves to sit by the door and wait for his loved ones to come home.

This is one of the best aspects of pet ownership. Going out for awhile? It does not matter because they are going to be right there waiting for you when you get home. We have all had that joyous experience of pulling up to the house and being greeted by a dog or cat who was laying in wait the whole time. It makes us feel as if someone truly cares.

As for this deaf dog? The family decided that they would play a little joke on the pup. Instead of coming in through the front door in the manner that he would expected, they elected to use the back door instead. Toby is nearly 16 years of age. By all accounts, he is totally deaf. The family did not necessarily mean to trick him but that is what happened anyways.

A rug happened to be drying outside and so the family wanted to make sure that they picked it up before heading back into the house. This threw poor old Toby for a loop. He is used to seeing the family come through the front door. Eventually, he was finally able to sense the fact that he had visitors. At long last, Toby turned around.

The look on his face when he does is absolutely priceless. The happy wag of the tail gives him away completely. He cannot even pretend to be upset by this gambit. We wish that we could have been there to see Toby’s reaction in person. Thanks to this hilarious video, we now have access to the next best thing. Don’t hesitate to pass it along.

Be sure to pass this story along to your closest friends and loved ones as soon as possible. Toby’s family loves him and appreciates him and you should, too. This is one lovable dog that we cannot wait to show off to our friends and family. He is a sweet pup who is sure to make your day! Share away, everyone.

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