Doctor Delivers Baby But When Mom Comes Back For A Two Week Checkup He Says “I Have Something”

There is something special about bringing a child into the world. It gives us a feeling like no other and that is something that will stick with us for the rest of our lives.

Perhaps that is why Dr. Erik Bostrom is somebody who enjoys delivering babies. He is a family doctor in Minnesota but he does more than bring babies into the world, he celebrates them and honors the birth at the same time. In fact, he does something so unusual that it often takes his patients by surprise.

Dr. Bostrom is primarily responsible for helping women during their pregnancy as well as their caring for their health during childbirth and postpartum. He is an obstetrician and at 33 years old, he loves his job and feels that he has found his calling. Bringing a child into the world, however, is his favorite part of the job.

He is a relatively new doctor living in rural Minnesota and he wants to connect with his patients in a special way. He does so by being a thoughtful and skilled doctor but he does something else that might surprise you. He took up sewing and now makes personalized blankets for each and every one of his newborn patients.

Dr. Bostrom is not a natural when it comes to sewing. In fact, he struggled to learn how to do it but he continued to practice until he was able to do it successfully. He realized that it was something that would make his patients very happy.

All of his patients can’t say enough about this kind doctor because he does something special for them. He makes each of the newborn children he helped to bring into the world a beautiful baby blanket. This is something special when you consider how busy a doctor is in life.

One of his patients, Lacie Hietalati has recently given birth to a daughter. She was so thankful for the heartwarming present that he provided to her new baby when she came back for the two-week checkup visit. It was a beautiful pink blanket!

Lacie is taken back by the genuine care that is provided by this good doctor and his thoughtfulness in making those blankets. Even though he keeps a busy schedule, he takes the time to make them himself and his generosity is well received.

You can see this gesture of love for his new patients in this heartwarming video:

Doctor sews blankets for all the babies he delivers

This doctor sews personalized blankets for every single baby he delivers ❤️️

Posted by The Uplift on Friday, December 21, 2018

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