Dog Is Adopted By 11 Families But Keeps Returning To Shelter

When shelters receive new animals, they work tirelessly to make sure that they can find homes for them. Once the animal is able to locate a forever home, there is always cause for a celebration. In most instances, the animals and their new owners are completely overjoyed. However, there was one hound by the name of Gumby who was not so lucky.

This dog kept on heading back to the shelter! He did not want to remain at the adopted homes and he would always find his way back. Gumby was originally found in South Carolina and brought to a no kill shelter in Charleston. He is friendly and he is healthy. The Charleston Humane Society staff found him to be delightful and they are stunned by this puzzling turn of events.

He was making a regular habit of wandering away from his homes and the new owners were forced to bring him back. Can you believe that this dog was brought back to the shelter 11 times? This would be hard to fathom if we had not heard the story for ourselves. In the staff’s eyes, it seemed as if he really wanted to spend his time at the shelter. In fact, it looked like he preferred this location.

An animal behaviorist who took a closer look at this situation believes that Gumby wants to come back because he feels as if his work is not done yet. He has too much empathy to leave all of the other dogs behind. Gumby believes that it is his job to comfort all of the animals who reside in the shelter. The dogs are given the tools that they needed to adjust by Gumby and he takes this task rather seriously.

Once the staff tested the dog to find out more about his blood type, they came to a stunning realization. His rare blood type makes him equally compatible with dogs and cats. Thanks to his blood, the staff now has the ability to treat kittens who are experiencing eye infections. They are not willing to give up on finding him a forever home, though.

John Martin is a staff member who developed a strong bond with Gumby and when he and his wife took Gumby home, the pup never wanted to leave their sides. He moved to New York City with his new family and their Facebook updates are absolutely priceless. Now that he knows he is in the right home, he is never going to leave. Thanks to his intelligence, he has finally located the perfect forever home.

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