Dog Couldn’t Stop Shaking At Shelter Until His Video Went Viral

Viral animal videos are just a part of life nowadays. We see so many of them that it is easy to become desensitized. Neno’s story is a special one, though. The dog’s family decided to give him up because they could not handle his needs any longer. The good people at Fort Worth Animal Care and Control took him in and decided to give him the assistance that he needed.

Follow Neno's Legacy ????I'm sad to say that Neno was with his new family just a short time before he was let go easily across the Rainbow Bridge. His memory carries on tho! ❤ ADOPTED!!!! ❤ thank you for all the shares! He will be getting a page of his own soon so you can follow him Ugh I felt so bad for him! Several dogs were just being crazy and he was so scared ???? Neno 38252614 is 3 yrs old, 79 lbs, hw POSITIVE, owner surrender “can’t afford”❗️I'm not going to know yet whether he is good with other dogs or even humans! I will try to get info in the morning ????This animal is located at Fort Worth Animal Care and Control/Chuck Silcox Adoption Center, 4900 Martin Street, Fort Worth 76119. Do not call the shelter, adoptions must be done in person, all rescue tags must be sent via EMAIL:fwacctag@gmail.comDO NOT CALL because you will get the city call center????

Posted by Paige King on Monday, April 9, 2018

They wanted to make sure that he was matched with a family that would be willing to help him. Neno could not handle being dropped off and left behind, though. The new environment was scary to him. All of the barking dogs that surrounded him sent him into a state of shock. The poor pup had a serious case of the shakes and the volunteers were powerless to assuage his fears.

Paige King saw how scared the dog was and wanted to help him. The poor dog could barely sleep at night, that’s how bad his shaking had become. He would not even make eye contact with Paige. Her heart broke when she looked at the dog. In order to call attention to his plight, she took a video of the dog and posted it on her Facebook page.

The post did not take long to go viral. Neno got some visitors as a result of the post as well. Laura Rodgers took to him right away. While everyone else had decided that they did not want to adopt him, Laura knew that she had to help. She asked if they could take the dog outside for a little walk. His walk was rather wobbly at first.

Laura watched Neno walk and realized that he was probably suffering from sort of neurological issue. She wanted to give him a second chance. He was adopted and taken to the vet’s office right away. They discovered that he was dealing with an under active thyroid, heart worms and a tick infestation, in addition to his neurological troubles.

She is committed to helping him through all of his medical issues. Neno has one dedicated mother and we are glad to see that they are getting along so well.

You can follow Neno’s progress on his very own Facebook page – Neno – The Former Shelter Dog.

If you’d like to help cover Neno’s ongoing medical bills, you can contact Syler Veterinary Clinic in Athens, Texas.

First time we took Neno out of his kennel at the shelter.

This was the first time we took Neno out of his kennel at the shelter. I really felt like the video Page posted of him shaking in his kennel was heartbreaking until I watched him struggle to get around and even fall down. This is when I knew I was not leaving the shelter without him. I knew it would be a challenge to take care of him and that is why several others had passed on adopting him. I am thankful that they realized they would not be a good fit Neno. One can only hope that they adopted another dog while they were there. Facebook has been a fabulous way to help get dogs adopted. Just keep in mind, that when someone posts in the comments they are going to go adopt the dog…. it doesn’t always work out. If you truly want to adopt one you see posted, get yourself to the shelter and get it done! There are a lot of "Neno's" at the shelter! Go save one today!

Posted by Neno's Legacy on Friday, April 20, 2018

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