Dog Food Arrives After Dogs Pass Away – Man Asks For Refund But Gets Email Explanation In Reply

One of the most difficult things that most of us will have to go through in life is losing a dog. It can be heartbreaking but it is nothing compared to the heartbreak of losing two dogs at one time.

Unfortunately, one couple experienced that problem in December, 2017 when both of their dogs died. They were mourning the loss of their beloved pets who they lost in a single weekend but it wasn’t the only sad news they were to receive.

Image Source: Facebook/Laura Waltenburg

Most of us could not imagine the pain of dealing with the death of losing two of our beloved pets and then receiving a shipment of their favorite food within a few days. It would be enough to break your heart.

Of course, the company was not at fault because they didn’t know about their loss. The father of those two dogs decided that he would contact the company.

When contacting Chewy to cancel the future orders, he also requested that they could return the food that the veterinarian had put his dogs on. He was asking for a refund and, quite honestly, the food was very expensive. He was not asking for a refund on the shipping costs.

When Chewy was contacted in connection with the death of the dogs, they were hoping that they would get some customer service. They ended up getting something that meant much more to them in the end

Image Source: Facebook/Laura Waltenburg

The family was not expecting anything more than a refund but they were surprised when the online corporation responded in the way that they did.

Corporations are known for being huge beasts that don’t really care about their customers. They are interested in their bottom line and nothing more.

That was not what they experienced with Chewy. They were more than a corporation, they were very personable and proved they had the customer in mind when they reached out to the family.

The response from the company was so compassionate that Laura Waltenburg (shown in the picture above), the couple’s sister had to post it on social media.

Image Source: Facebook/Laura Waltenburg

Not only did they provide a full refund that was in their account within three business days, they would not allow the grieving parents to return the dog food. They told them to please donate the food to a local dog shelter so another dog could enjoy it.

“My sister and brother-in-law tragically lost both of their dogs this past weekend. After this happened, they received two 40-pound bags of dog food that they had ordered from the Chewy company. My brother-in-law sent them an email requesting permission to send the dog food back for a refund, minus the shipping cost. They responded with unbelievable kindness! They credited their credit card for the full purchase price; and asked them to donate the dog food to a local shelter.”

They even took it a step further.

"My sister and brother-in-law tragically lost both of their dogs this past weekend. After this happened, they received…

Posted by Love What Matters on Monday, December 18, 2017

Chewy requested a picture of the dogs so they could post it in their memorial pet book. That’s right, they have their own memorial book for customers that have pets who have passed away.

They then sent a bouquet of flowers to the family.

“They sent a second email requesting a picture of one of the dogs to put in their memorial book, to honor her. And then today, my sister and brother-in-law received these beautiful flowers from Chewy. I wish I could tell everybody this story… This is an incredible company!”

It turns out that Chewy is not only there for this couple who lost two dogs, they are known for being kind people that help those who are grieving for their pets.

Image Source: Facebook/Laura Waltenburg

As soon as the post was put on social media, the comments started. People were sharing their experiences with that same dog food company.

One of the commenters, Jana Lynn, also talked about what happened when she lost her dog after a long struggle with cancer.

“Chewy followed my baby girl Joy through struggles of overcoming back leg paralysis and fighting off 4 forms of cancer. When she lost her 4 year battle they sent me her beautiful face on a canvas. I cry routinely gazing at it still, one year later. They are beyond measure”

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