Dog Is Grumpy With Mom For Being Away Too Long – Gives The Sweetest Apology For Being Upset

Anyone who has a dog of their own can tell you that one of the best parts of the day is coming home. Our dogs react with total elation. It is as if they are genuinely surprised by the fact that we keep coming back each day. The dog in this story is a bit different, though. He is not going to let his owner know that he is happy to see them.

Instead, he has decided that it is time to throw a tantrum. He is not just happy to see his owner. He wants his owner to know that he needs to start coming home faster, dang it! This is one Newfoundland who knows how to get his sulk on. Maybe his owner shouldn’t have dawdled so much. Maybe this owner will think of that the next time they need to leave the house to earn a living.

The hysteria and wagging tail that is associated with most dogs in this position has been replaced with a pouting face. The owners got a kick out of this reaction and decided to take out their phones to record him. The results are absolutely hilarious. The owners even try to apologize but the dog is not having any of that.

His facial expression says it all, doesn’t it? He wants them to know that their words mean little to him. It is their actions that he is taking offense to. If they had really missed him as much as they said they did, they wouldn’t have waited so long to come home, right? We just hope that this old boy is willing to forgive at some point.

If this clip is any indication, the dog is going to let bygones be bygones. How can this family stay mad at each other? If you would like to check out this hilarious doggy tantrum for yourself, be sure to take a closer look at the clip below. This video just might make you appreciate the way that your own dog acts when you come home just a little bit more.

It could always be worse, right? Having a dog jumping and slobbering all over you is not always ideal but neither is having to coax a dog out of the tantrum zone. This is one that you are definitely going to want to share with the pet owners in your life!

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