Dog Has A Special Relationship With Mailmen, So Mom Hits Record When They Show Up At The Door

While there are many who believe that dogs and mailmen have an adversarial relationship, these animals are capable of a love that most would not expect. The dog in this story is a prime example of that. Pippin lives in South Carolina with her family. She’s got quite the story to tell. This is one dog that is not allowing herself to fall victim to received wisdom.

She is not like the other dogs who growl or bark at the mailman when they arrive. Pippin is a friendly animal by nature but her relationship with her family’s mailmen takes the cake. She spends her days eagerly waiting for their arrival. She also loves to lavish her affections on them as soon as they show up. They give her belly rubs and treats in return.

The deliverymen and women on her block will even allow her to ride around in their trucks with them. After all, how can anyone possibly say so to that face? The UPS drivers are always thinking of her. They even leave treats behind when they are driving past the house. It does not matter if they actually have deliveries to make to her family or not.

This is one dog who has established a very special relationship with her delivery personnel. Pippin’s behavior would already be adorable enough by itself but the drivers’ reactions to her behavior are even cuter. If they are at all put out by her, they never let it show. They go out of their way to make sure that she is happy and they never stop showering her with love.

Thankfully, her mother has seen fit to document these adventures. Even the FedEx driver whose sandwich was stolen by the dog had a good sense of humor about the whole thing. There is even one driver who was terrified of dogs at first. He did not want to drop packages off at the house initially. However, Pippin showed him the light.

Now, he knows just how sweet dogs can be. The man received the necessary sensitization training, thanks to Pippin. The two are best buddies and the man thanks Pippin for showing him a better way. If you would like to see more of Pippin’s awesome adventures, please be sure to check out the video below. You may also want to show it to your dog, especially those who could stand to be a whole lot nicer to the mailman.

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