Dog Is Abandoned And Left For Dead Becomes Bomb Sniffing K9 Hero

K-9 Denver is one of the longest-serving dogs at the Denver Sheriff’s office. Deputy Patrick Hynes cared for the chocolate Labrador, who was the first K-9 partner the officer worked with.

The deputy told the Denver Post that they served together for six years as partners. During that time, he spent more time with the dog that he did his wife.

Taylor was retired from the police force when he was only eight years old in March 2019. The deputy found it very difficult to work without his beloved dog by his side. He began searching for a worthy replacement.

This is where Karma comes in. I’m speaking of an abandoned dog who was left to die in a Denver neighborhood. She was skittish around humans, and was nothing more than skin and bones. Bridget Maloney-Hulslander decided that she would catch the dog and help her.

“We have driven countless miles looking,” Bridget wrote on Facebook. “I spotted her on Friday morning and then lost her. We spotted her again this morning and spent almost an hour following her in and out of neighborhoods only to lose sight of her again. She is very scared and runs as soon as anyone approaches. Nothing so far has worked. Hoping we can find her tomorrow and get close enough to dart her. This so emotionally tiring … I’m not giving up trying to find her.”

For 5 days, Karma ran the streets frightened and hungry but she was eventually caught.

What they found out is that Karma was a very distinctive breed. She is a Belgian Malinois, a type of dog that is known for their high intelligence, ability to train easily and their agility.

Many people think that Belgian Malinois’ make the best police dogs. Watch this video and judge for yourself:

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