Dog Left In A Park With His Favorite Toy And A Note Gets The Loving Home He Deserves

Duke is a very good dog but he has not always been given the life that he truly deserves. When his last owner could no longer take care of him, the dog was left in a park with a note placed close by. The note explained his predicament to passerby. Duke had been left in the park with nothing home than a toy, some food and a crate. Finally, a woman named Stephanie found him.

It was so cold outside that she was unable to feel her hands. She could only imagine how much Duke was suffering in these conditions. Stephanie did not want to believe that the poor pup had been abandoned like this. She looked in every direction and hoped that her eyes were deceiving her. Unfortunately, this was Duke’s reality and it would take a special person in order to change it.

Stephanie contacted the police because she was reticent to approach Duke. He did not seem to be too trustful of humans and Stephanie also had her own dogs with her at the time. She tried to post a photo of the dog on her Facebook page in hopes of locating the owner. When no one responded, animal control was called to come and collect Duke. Baltimore Animal Rescue & Care Shelter would become home.

It took some time before he opened up to humans but he would soon warm up. Duke is still puzzled as to how he became homeless yet he is not allowing his situation to dampen his enthusiasm. Why would someone choose to abandon a kind and friendly dog like this? They easily could have taken him to the local shelter and allowed them to handle the task of finding him a new forever home.

Pet owners need to be reminded of the fact that the abandonment of their animals is against the law. Fortunately for Duke, Wallace White came along and decided to change his fortunes forever. This United States Army specialist did not know about the animal’s history but that did not stop him from making Duke a permanent part of his life.

The lucky boy is happy to finally have his chance to reside in a forever home. The route that he took to get there may not have been preferable but all’s well that ends well, right? If you see an animal in the same sort of distress, please do not hesitate to contact the authorities. You just might be saving their life!

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