Dog Left To Die In 140 Degree Car Is Adopted By The Police Officer Who Rescued Him

This dog had been abandoned inside of a hot car and their prognosis was grim. Jeff O’Rear is the officer who received the initial call. The Chihuahua puppy was trapped inside of a boiling hot vehicle at a shopping center in Kansas City. The temperatures were skyrocketing. Passerby were scared of what would happen to the animal. Can you believe that the puppy had been left in the car for at least two hours?

Why on Earth would someone be this callous with an animal’s health. News flash, people. If it is too hot for you to sit inside of the car, it is most definitely too hot for your pet. Just imagine how uncomfortable you would be inside of a hot car while wearing a fur coat. By the time the officer arrived on the scene, the animal’s internal temperature was well over 100 degrees.

The puppy was no longer conscious, either. They had been trapped inside of a crate with no access to air or water. The office says that seeing the dog in this state was one of the toughest things that he had ever been forced to deal with. As an officer of the law, that is definitely saying something. The puppy was taken to a vet hospital to see if they could pull through.

The owners who were responsible for this predicament were charged for their crime. In the meantime, the dog was able to pull through. This miracle dog would need a new home once they were done recuperating. Officer Jeff decided that he would be the one to step in and help out. When he decided to take this Chihuahua home with me, his kids were overjoyed.

Jeff says that the dog deserves to live like a king after everything that he was forced to endure. We agree wholeheartedly. We hope that this dog is never left behind again. He and his family are proud to offer the dog a better home than the one they came from. In a world full of stories about police officers who abuse their power, this one makes us smile from ear to ear.

It is good to see that there are still some officers out there who believe in serving their communities. This dog has received the happy ending that they have always deserved. If you would like to learn more about this animal’s awesome story, please be sure to check out the video below.

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