Dog Monopoly Lets You Buy Adorable Dogs As You Work Your Way Around The Board

Nothing brings families together – or divides them, depending on how competitive they get – quite like the game Monopoly. A board game that has been around for years, Monopoly is something that we’ve all enjoyed playing at some point in our lives. It also has a few different themed variations, and the latest one is one that will excite people who love both board games and dogs: Dog Opoly. If you’re wondering where to purchase it, the game is available on Amazon. And if you’re a resident of the UK there’s some good news, you could get yours delivered for free.

You’re probably familiar with the rules of Monopoly. While you can’t buy houses in this game, the purchases are better: dogs. Players also get $200 when they pass Go Fetch. And in this game, you don’t go to jail but you could end up in the kennel. Game users will also find a pleasant surprise in the pieces that are used are constructed after items that dogs love, meaning you can navigate the board as a postman, fire hydrant, food dish, or frightened cat. Sounds like my kind of monopoly.

So far, the game Dog Opoly has received many reviews on Amazon, and currently has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars – not too bad! These are some of the reviews that have been left by customers on Amazon:

“Brilliant. We already had horse opoly and this is equally as much fun. Well worth the money for the hours of fun we have had with our grandson.”

“Slight twist on the original game of monopoly – different enough to make it a good game with the principal being the same. The playing pieces are made from metal not the usual plastic which is lovely, and all the names are different.”

“The whole family has enjoyed this over Christmas. Not too childish – appeals to all ages. It’s been well thought through, so although it was a risky purchase, it’s proved well worth the money and risk.”

“The kids love it! It keeps them quiet on wet afternoons – also on cold ones ! The grown-ups don’t have to get involved.”

“I first played Horse-opoly last year and decided to order a copy for myself. Whilst looking I saw Dog-opoly and decided to get that as well. It’s great! It’s as much fun as the horse version and you learn about different dog breeds, but it’s one of the best board games to share with good friends. Enjoy it – I have!”

Just like the previous review stated, there are plenty of other animal-themed monopoly boards to choose from, such as Horse Opoly. So whatever you are into, it may be worth checking out. What do you guys think of the newest monopoly game?

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