Dog Owner Warns Others After Finding A Razor Blade Inside Tennis Ball At The Park

A dog walker recently made a shocking discovery. The tennis ball that their pup was playing with actually contained a razor blade! The tainted tennis ball was discovered in a park in Greater Manchester. They shared this discovery with the local dog lovers in their Stockport Crime Watch group on Facebook. Now, the word is being spread even further.

Who knew that this was something dog owners needed to be aware of? We cannot begin to fathom how terrifying this would be for any dog owner. It is already hard enough to keep pets safe without these sorts of occurrences. Someone must have doctored the tennis ball in order to hurt a dog. Why would someone ever even think to do something this cruel?


Posted by Stockport Crime Watch on Saturday, May 25, 2019

It is a sick world that we live in nowadays. People are already registering their disgust about these tennis balls on social media and rightfully so. We are hopping mad ourselves! There has also been an increase when it comes to the number of tainted bones in circulation. Someone out there clearly has a vendetta towards dogs and we hope that they get the help they need soon.

Dogs are our best friends. They treat us with loyalty and kindness. Now, it is time that we repaid the favor. Be sure to share this story with your friends and loved ones. All dog owners need to read this story, so that they are fully aware of what lurks. One simple trip to the park could be quite deadly if one of these tennis balls makes its way towards your pup.

We hope that the police are able to catch the parties responsible for these tennis balls before it is too late. Innocent animals could get hurt if we are not careful and vigilant. We also hope that whoever is responsible is punished to the fullest extent of the law once the police get their hands on them. Why someone would find this behavior acceptable is beyond our comprehension.

In the meantime, please take a moment to share away. You simply never know who you could be helping in the process. Owners must make sure that they are taking the time to check on any sort of ball that their dog comes across on a walk. Don’t make the mistake of assuming that foreign tennis balls are safe for play. It is always better to be safe than sorry, in our humble opinion.

h/t: LadBible

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