Dog Returned To Shelter After 8 Years Is Having Trouble To Finding A New Home

he UK’s Battersea Dogs & Cats Home has seen a lot of animals come and go in their time but there has never been a dog quite like Daisy. She spent just 15 days at this shelter before she was adopted. This would seem to be a success story, right? Unfortunately, she was returned to the shelter after spending eight happy years living in a forever home.

The family was no longer able to provide her with the same care. Now, she is nine years old and in need of a new home. This is a tough predicament for any senior dog. Most shelter visitors are more likely to take home a new puppy than a senior dog. She has spent 100 days back at the shelter and has not had any luck in finding a brand new forever home yet.

She is not receiving a single hint of interest and this breaks our hearts. She has gone from not having to wait to be adopted to merely hoping for a chance. Poor Daisy does not understand why she has been forsaken like this. People may want to choose a puppy over a senior dog but they do not always understand the ramification of these decisions.

A puppy may be cuter to look at but they are going to require a greater level of care than a senior dog will. Senior dogs already know to assimilate into a living environment without all of the usual difficulties. This is something that shelter visitors should be bearing in mind when they are allowing themselves to pass over these dogs who are in need of homes.

Older dogs are also far more relaxed and less hyper than their younger counterparts. They’d rather be lazy and sit on the sofa with their families. Daisy may be a senior dog but she still has plenty of energy and lots of love to give. She is in her twilight years and we hope that she does not have to spend the rest of her life alone at the shelter.

Please share this story to spread awareness about Daisy’s predicament. She is a sweet dog who deserves to spend the rest of her days in a forever home. Let’s all do our part and make sure that senior dogs like her are given the chance they deserve.

If you would like to adopt Daisy or another senior dog, you can contact Battersea Dogs & Cats Home for more information.


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