Dog Saves 90-Year-Old Woman With Dementia Who Got Lost In The Woods

Saby is known to most as a K9 animal. This German shepherd works tirelessly to improve the lives of others. He has been employed by the Birmingham Police SRT K9 Unit for some time now and is a valued member of his community. The dog has also had the same handler for the entire duration of their stint on the police force. Officer Dustin loves Saby very much.

The two have developed an incredible bond over the course of their time together. They have spent a lot of time with each other and they have cracked numerous cases.

In March, Saby found himself making headlines for all of the right reasons. An elderly woman suffering from dementia had gotten lost in the woods and could not find her way home.

If not for Saby’s help, this woman would have found herself in a world of trouble. Loudell Hubbard was a long way from home. She did not have her cane, either. She had wandered off and was now unable to find her way back. Loudell fell into the bed of a nearby creek. The woman was not able to remove herself from the creek. Worst of all, she did not even know how she got there in the first place.

All she could do at that point was wait and hope. The local police force in Birmingham made their way to the woods to find her. Saby came along for the ride.

He did not look up from the ground the whole time. He was clearly very intent on finding the lost woman. At long last, the dog’s ears started to perk up. He had located the woman and heading her way.

Before long, Saby was at the creek bed. Officer Dustin was right behind him. The two found the woman laying down, completely still. The woman had spent 12 hours waiting for help but she was still alive and well.

She was perfectly okay and thanks to Saby, she was removed from her predicament immediately. The police placed the woman on a stretcher and brought her to the hospital for recovery purposes.

We are glad to report that Loudell is going to be just fine. They were elated to learn that she was okay and we are sure that they were also very relieved. Please share this astonishing rescue story with all of your closest friends and loved ones as soon as possible.

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