Dog Was Considered Unadoptable For ‘Loving Toys’ – Becomes Ohio’s First K9 Pit Bull

Pit bulls are often categorized as being vicious simply because of their breed. However, this is also wrong in many instances. It’s a stereotype that continues to drag on. As a result of this, plenty of well-behaved dogs end up suffering.

Pit bulls are unfairly blamed for being aggressive and mean. Unfortunately, one dog was shunned simply because he loves toys. He was deemed unadoptable because he loved toys and playing so much. Instead of calling him playful, they called him “grabby” because he wanted to play with all of the toys. He was misunderstood, and as a result, he was almost euthanized.

Leonard was given a second chance. It turns out that when a dog has a high toy drive, they end up becoming great K9s with a police department. Leonard was given a shot to become a police dog in Ohio. He was the very first Pitbull to become a K9 with a police department in the state. His love of toys will be used to fight crimes with the Chief of Police in Clay Township.

This is simply amazing. If the Chief of Police can see through the stereotype for pit bulls, hopefully, many more will be able to do the same. Leonard is paving a path for plenty of other well-behaved pit bulls to have important roles in society.

In fact, over the past several years, many police departments around the United States have been turning to pit bulls for their new K9 units. Typically, its been breeds like Labradors or German Shepherds that get to work next to uniformed officers. However, even New York has decided that a pit bull is worthy of the badge.

Leonard has certainly proven them wrong when it came to being too vicious. He’s doing great as a K9 officer and loves his time on the force. The officers enjoy working with him, too. It all comes down to it being about the owner and not the breed.

There are plenty of stories about how pit bulls are friendly, loving dogs that don’t have a vicious bone in their body. Maybe, the rest of society will start to take notice. All anyone has to do is meet Leonard or any of the other K9 pit bulls in the country. They’ll see that the entire breed isn’t vicious. Some of them are quite lovable and simply enjoy playing with toys (sometimes a little too much).

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