Dog Was Neglected Because She’s ‘Yucky’ Has Sweetest Reaction To First Cuddle Session

Sarah is a hound dog who has been through quite a lot throughout the course of her life. Can you believe that this poor girl has been living in solitary confinement? No dog deserves to live this way. Her owner was the type of person who saw nothing wrong with mistreating an innocent animal. Why people like these obtain pets in the first place is beyond us.

There are too many people out there who are willing to treat pets with love and respect. All these folks do is keep them from finding the homes that they truly deserve. This owner decided that Sarah was simply too “yucky” to keep in the house. That’s why she was left outside on a constant basis. Stories like these truly tug at the heartstrings, don’t they?

All she had to her name was a small box and a chain. Sarah did not know what it was like to receive affection from a human that truly cared about her. Finally, she was rescued from this awful situation. At long last, she was going to get a much needed second chance. She was going to stay with a kind family that did not find her to be “yucky” at all.

Dogs need love and affection. They do not need to spend time with people who do not actually care about them. That’s what makes this story such a special one. Sarah went from being called awful names by this rude owner to living with a family that truly cares about her. All she ever wanted was someone who was willing to provide her with affection.

Once she was given the chance to head off with her new family, she could not contain her excitement. She wanted them to know how happy she was to have escaped the clutches of her past owner. Her last owner did not appreciate her. She will no longer experience this problem at her new residence. Videos like these make our hearts swell to three times its normal size.

This is one of the most touching rescues that we have ever seen. We just wish that every dog who is being treated as poorly as Sarah would have the chance to find a new home. Please share this story to raise awareness about all of the other dogs like Sarah out there in the world. As for Sarah herself, we hope that we are able to see more videos from her and her new family in the future.

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