Dog Who Was Stolen From The Vet Hospital Gets A Second Chance

A sick Chihuahua named Mia was taken to the local animal hospital and her condition was dire. The poor pooch was suffering from an infection in her uterus. If the condition was not taken care of, the animal could have passed away. The kindly vet’s office even agreed to help out the dog’s owner without any guarantee of receiving payment. These are the stories that touch our hearts.

There are too many animal hospitals who are not willing to assist those who do not have funds on hand. While this is certainly understandable on a certain level, we love to see these professionals going above and beyond. That’s what makes this story a sad one. The owner was given the chance to receive medical care free of charge and decided to take a different route.

The dog’s owner was told that she would need a blood transfusion. Instead of accepting this diagnosis, the owner flat out refused to go along with the idea. Mia was going to have to stay behind. The owner returned later on to visit her dog. She was not willing to leave Mia behind, though. This foolish owner swiped the pet from the animal hospital and took off.

Once the animal hospital realized that the dog had been stolen away, they knew that they would have to act quickly. San Jose Animal Services was contacted. The vets wanted to know if they could take the time to check up on poor Mia. Animal neglect is a serious matter. We are glad that this animal hospital was willing to treat it with the appropriate gravity.

When the animal services personnel discovered what was taking place, they knew that they would have to act as quickly as possible. We do not wish to spoil the ending of this story, though. If you would like to know more, please take a moment to check out the video below. We are glad that Mia is finally being given a second chance at recovery.

What would possess someone to steal their dog away from an animal hospital? We could have understood if they did not have the money to pay. However, this animal hospital was willing to work with her. They were not stressed about her financial situation. Your friends and loved ones are sure to appreciate Mia’s awesome rescue. We hope that she is never forced to experience this sort of ordeal ever again.

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