Dog With The Sweetest Smile Has Been Waiting For 981 Days To Be Adopted

New York City’s Brookhaven Animal Shelter has been Nitro’s home for some time now. A local Good Samaritan located him back in 2016 and he has been residing here ever since. This is one of the sweetest pitbulls that you are ever going to meet. All of the staffers love him very much. Initially, they assumed that he would be able to find a forever home in no time at all.

Nitro has now been waiting for nearly 1,000 days. He wishes that he could find a family that is willing to support him. Shelter life has not been easy for him. He does not seem to understand how he ended up in the shelter in the first place. All he wants is some love and attention. The shelter workers try their best but it is obviously not the same as having a loving home to call your own.

“He is handling shelter life pretty hard,” says Brittany. She volunteers at this shelter and spends time with Nitro on a regular basis. She also says that he cries inside of his kennel. He only perks up when he is allowed to come out and spend time with the other volunteers. He is doing his best to keep a smile on his face during all of his struggles.

In fact, he has one of the most infectious grins that we have ever seen. He’s a ham who loves to take pictures and he also enjoys playing outside. Nitro is not a needy dog. He just wants to spend time around people who actually care about his well being. That signature smile of his would definitely brighten the day of any family that decides to take him in.

He would do best with a family that remains active. Nitro loves to spend time with people who can keep up with his level of energy. A home that does not have any young children would be helpful as well. He needs all of the love but not to worry, he’s definitely the type to give it right back! These seem like simple requests to us, for sure.

If you would like to help our pal Nitro find a home, take a moment to share this story with your closest friends and loved ones. If you’re interested in adopting Nitro, you can contact shelter volunteers for more information.

H/T : TheDodo

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