Donkey Rides In Santorini Are Harmful For The Animals Experts Say

Santorini is a common vacation spot for those visiting Greece. It has even been immortalized in song by rap superstar Rick Ross. There are no shortage of places to visit and visitors can enjoy a wide array of breathtaking views. Simply put, there are few places that will provide a better holiday. Good weather is almost always guaranteed as well.

What’s not to love? Visitors who head to Santorini will also have the chance to ride a donkey. While this is a typical outing for those who head to this part of the world, experts are now saying that we need to reconsider. No one ever stops to think about the plight of the donkey in these instances. Donkeys who are forced to cart tourists around are placed under an incredible amount of strain.

It should come as no shock to anyone that this type of physical activity is not good for the donkey. That is what makes this story an important one. These donkeys are being forced into hard labor. Worst of all, they never get the chance to enjoy their surroundings in the same way that all of the tourists do. The donkeys are being asked to serve over 10,000 tourists per day.

The Donkey Sanctuary is now working to bring the issue to everyone’s attention. While it is understandable for people to be unaware of what is taking place, it is time that we come together to assist these donkeys. Their story needs to be heard by a much wider audience, so that tourists are able to avoid making the same old mistakes.

Nikos Zorzos is the mayor of Santorini and he is spreading the word. Mules and donkeys may be a part of the local tradition but he is making sure that they are no longer forced into long and taxing days. Leaflets will be distributed and younger owners will be given the education that they need. The campaign is about to begin, not a moment too soon for these beleaguered animals.

“Our In Their Hooves campaign aims to encourage tourists to stop and think” is the main crux of the Donkey Sanctuary’s efforts. They are aiming to educate the tourists who may not know better about these matters. It is time that we become more responsible about the damages that are being done. Please share this story and raise awareness about the dangers that these donkeys are made to live with each day.

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