How you draw an ‘X’ can say a lot about your personality

It doesn’t take much to get a lively debate going online and recently, it seems that Internet users were separated and perhaps a little surprised over how many different ways there were to draw an X. As it turns out, there are 8 specific methods and everybody has their own way of doing it.

Some people were wondering if personality was associated with the various styles. If you happen to fall into that group, you have no need to wonder any longer. The deputy editor of, Brie Schwartz decided to reach out to certified handwriting analyst Kathi McKnight for some clarification.

It was recently found that people used the 7th option more than any other as is shown in the image below. It isn’t really surprising because it is the way most of us were taught how to do it in school. Those who chose option seven were not typically the type to draw outside of the lines.

According to McKnight, the other methods are regressive and when somebody uses one of those other methods, it tends to be associated with negative self-talk, going back to a past position or rebelliousness.

Although that may be true in many cases, you really need to be balanced in your feelings on the matter. Handwriting analysis is more than looking at the order of strokes that are a priority, it also includes factors such as the slant, pressure, and size of the handwriting.

When you look at the image below, the colored line is representative of the first stroke used when drawing an X. Look at what 4 of the styles might say about your personality.

Style 1: If you start in the lower right and then work from the lower left, you might have a difficulty moving forward in life. You might have a desire to move away from the past but you find it difficult to do so.

Style 2: When you start in reverse and draw the lines upward, it may mean that you want to move away from the baggage you carry in life but you are still being tied down to the past.

Style 3: McKnight feels that an individual who starts writing the X in reversed strokes of upper right and then bottom right tend to work against the grain. They are a rebel through and through.

Style 4: The second stroke in this style goes from the top right to the bottom left, which is the proper way according to what we are taught in school. Writing the X in this way may mean that you are trying to forge your own way in life but often fall back on old habits. It is perhaps best illustrated as somebody who is ‘driving while looking through the rearview mirror’.

Although these are not always going to be 100% accurate, it is worth noting that handwriting analysis can often tell the inside story.

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