‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Shaves Beard, Cuts Hair For Charity. Transformation Makes Fans’ Jaws Drop

Phil Robertson is known for the ‘country’ wisdom that he doles out during episodes of the top rated smash television show Duck Dynasty and while fans know him from the musings that are provided on the show, he is also a famous beard owner. According to Phil, there are only two sets of people on the planet who do not have a beard to call their own: children and women.

Since he is neither, it was shocking to find out that Jase Robertson (one of the other men who was present when Phil made the aforementioned wisecrack) was considering shaving his beard off for a good cause. Jase had been growing out his beard for a whopping seven years and while he did not want to part with it initially, the good people at Mia Moo Fund needed his help.

This is a charity that is very important to him and because it is so near and dear to his heart, he was willing to make a massive sacrifice. The organization was started back in 2014 and is important to Jase because the good people that were referenced above just so happen to be him and his wife. Mia is his daughter and the organization was created to assist her after she was born with a cleft palate and lip.

It took five surgeries to correct the child’s condition. The organization now collects money to raise awareness about conditions such as these and the funds that are raised are used for various forms of research. As such, the #ShaveJase campaign was born and the bar was set very high. Their goal was to raise $100,000 and if the goal was met, Jase would shave the beard off on Facebook Live.

The money was raised with relative ease and the beard came off as a result. The entire experience has taught Jase a valuable lesson about the importance of not being superficial and he was happy to undergo this drastic transformation. When he finally revealed his new look to the world, the jaws of his friends and family dropped to the ground almost instantly.

His dedication to helping to raise money that will assist children that are born with the same ailment as his daughter is admirable and if you would like to see the astonishing transformation that Jase underwent for yourself, we urge you to take the time to find out more about his charity. Be sure to watch this awesome video as well!

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