Elderly Couple Sees Son Remodeled His Basement Into Suite For Them To Live In

We may envision our golden years a little differently than they turn out. That was the case with Bonnie and George Miller. As they got older, his mind was slipping and her physical health was declining.

Now that they were both 87-years-old, they were relying on each other just to function from day to day. They wanted to remain independent but it was a struggle.

Schon, their son was concerned about them. He knew they needed each other and they still cared for each other deeply. At the same time, he realized they would not be able to care for themselves much longer and he couldn’t stand the thought of them ending up in a nursing home.

Things went to the next level when Bonnie fell and broke her shoulder. At that point, Schon and Jeannie, his wife, were looking into possible arrangements for assisted senior living.

They started looking for a home, which already had an in-law suite. They are smaller dwellings that are typically located on the same property. They might sometimes be attached to the home, such as above the garage. In-law quarters give some privacy and independence but still keep them close enough that you can care for them.

Unfortunately, they couldn’t locate a house that would work for the needs of the family. That is when they came up with a better plan.

Rather than buying a new home, they got to work on their own. They knocked a hole through the basement wall and emptied out the rec room, including the pool table. They then turned the area into a fully functional suite that was made to accommodate his parents.

The real treat came when he surprised Bonnie and George with their brand new ‘home’. The tears will be flowing and you can see it in this video:

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