Every Day, Customers Buy Out Donut Shop’s Inventory So Owner Can Take Care Of Sick Wife

The Donut City doughnut shop is located in Seal Beach, California and is run by John Chhan and his wife Stella.  They have been the proud owners for the past 30 years since arriving as Cambodian refugees in 1979. They’ve worked side by side all this time.

Of course, everyone in that passes by has come to depend on the shop for their daily dose of caffeine and sugar but one day Stella was missing.   And the next day, and the next. Where had she gone?

John told his customers that his beloved wife had suffered an aneurysm. She was currently staying in rehab and doing therapy to get her strength back. John only wished he could be there with her but someone needed to run the store or the couple would have no income.

Loyal customers reached out to John to see if they could set up a GoFundMe page for him and Stella, but he refused the help.

However, they weren’t giving up that easy they knew Stella and John should be together during this time so they came up with another plan. This one he couldn’t turn down.

They have all pitched in to make sure that the donuts sell out every day. Because when they sell out John closes up shop to be with Stella.

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