Every Winnie The Pooh Character Represents A Mental Illness. Which One Relates To You?

Most of us can remember reading the stories of Christopher Robin when we were children. I can remember my mother reading to me and when we had the opportunity to see one of these shows on TV, it was a very special day in our household. It is also something that has stood the test of time and generations of individuals have now grown up with Christopher Robin, Winnie the Pooh, Eeyore and the other characters in the story.

What you may not know about these stories is the fact that each of the characters was written with a different mental illness in mind. Perhaps the most obvious is Eeyore but when you stop to think about it, you start to see how each of them relates to a mental illness. Let’s take a look at the rest of the characters and see which one we relate to the most.

1. Winnie the Pooh – It seems as if poor Pooh struggles with ADHD. He may have a few other health concerns but ADHD seems to lead the list. You can see it in his disorganization, both in his thoughts and in his lifestyle.

2. Eyeore – it is very rare that you will see Eeyore happy in any of the stories that you read or see on video. He is always sad and depressed, but many people relate to how he feels very closely. It is obvious that Eeyore suffers from severe depressive disorder.

3. Roo – This little character is a favorite of many people and it seems as if he suffers from symptoms that are indicative of autism. Sometimes he isn’t paying attention to what goes on around him and that could put him in a hazardous situation. At other times, he ignores the world while sitting in his mother’s pouch.

4. Piglet – It is difficult to watch Piglet on video and not feel anxious. He is always worried about what may happen and if something surprises him, such as a noise, he runs and hides quickly. Piglet loves a calm and simple life.

5. Kanga – It seems as if Kanga has a social anxiety disorder. She is a concerned parent and worries about her son and what is taking place in the Hundred Acre Wood. She always likes to keep an eye on her little son and her anxiety only intensifies because of her family worries.

6. Rabbit – I don’t think I’ve ever seen a cartoon character with OCD quite the way that Rabbit has it. Everything in his life has to be organized perfectly and if something disrupts that perfection, it stresses him out.

7. Tigger – Hyperactivity seems to be a big part of Tigger’s life. He doesn’t like to sit still for a moment and he bounces from one impulsive decision to another.

8. Christopher Robin – The entire world found in the Hundred Acre Would is all found in Christopher Robbin’s imagination. He may just suffer from schizophrenia. It doesn’t mean that he hears things or has hallucinations, it’s just that his mind is not always focused on reality.

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