Faithful Stork Flies 5,000 Miles Every Year To Be With His Disabled Love

True love does not bow to the whims of geography. When we truly love someone, we do not allow ourselves to be separated from them for any reason.

While most of us allow ourselves to believe that we are the only species that believes in monogamy, the relationships that other species develop fly in the face of that theory. Now, we have our chance to find out more about the love that these two storks share with one another.

The story of these storks began 25 years ago. Stjepan is a widower who found the female stork when she was wounded. The animal was in bad shape when she was discovered by a Croatian pond. A hunter had shot her illegally and one of her wings was nearly destroyed. The man decided to start taking care of the bird until her wing was able to heal. He even constructed a nest for the animal to mend her broken wing in.

Once winter came, he created a makeshift wilderness in the garage with the proper heating so that the stork would continue to feel right at home. They would go fishing together and he would even watch television with her. He named her Malena and felt responsible for her well being. On one fateful day, a male stork took notice of Malena and her new home.

Klepetan is his name and while he is able to make the trip to South Africa each year once the weather turns, Malena is not able to do so. While most of us would probably have moved on when we were forced to face these types of circumstances, these storks are not like everyone else. Klepetan makes his way to South Africa and comes back every year to see the love of his life once winter is over.

This arrangement has not stopped the two from being fruitful and multiplying. They have had over 60 babies over the course over the past 15 years. Stjepan decided that he would share their love story with the rest of the world. He set up a camera and started a live stream of the love nest. Now, everyone will have the chance to check out their amazing love story for themselves and have their breath taken away.

Now that Stjepan has had the chance to house this injured stork, he is speaking out about the cruel hunting practices that caused her to become injured in the first place. He is offering an open letter to the president of Lebanon and if you would like to learn more about what he is trying to accomplish? Be sure to check out the video below and pass it along to your closest friends and loved ones.

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