Family Treat Terminally Ill Dog To A Dream Weekend Before He Dies

When this Florida family learned that their dog would need to be put to sleep, they were obviously heartbroken. No one ever wants to lay their pets to rest. It is sad step that we must take sometimes, though. It is for the animal’s own good. After all, no one wants to watch their pet suffer. Wilson was 14 when he was diagnosed with cancer of the bladder and stomach.

The German Pointer would have to be euthanized. Instead of feeling sorry for themselves, his family made an important choice. They were going to make sure that his final days on the planet were as fun as possible. They gave him quite the send off, too. While he is now resting comfortably in the big doghouse in the city, the family ensured that he would be treated like royalty during his last days.

Stephen Rampersad is the father of the family and he helped to engineer the dog’s last hurrah. Every possible item was crossed off the animal’s bucket list. His wife Christen was also instrumental. Their boys Jonah and Noah were closely involved as well. Wilson was given the necessary medication, so that he could enjoy his outing without experiencing any pain.

He was taken to a boat launch and even got the chance to head into the water. Like any dog, he loves to splash around. Stephen also brought the dog to his place of employment. Wilson would finally have his chance to become a volunteer firefighter. From there, he took a walk on the beach. He was given his own special lunch, too. The restaurant staff made sure to provide the hungry dog with a second dessert.

Finally, Stephen brought the animal to the vet’s office. He was euthanized and drifted off peacefully in his father’s arms. These are the bittersweet moments that pet owners are forced to endure. It is hard to say goodbye to our old friends. Wilson enjoyed his big day very much. Stephen was also touched by the outpouring of love and support that the family received.

Everyone who crossed their path wanted to make sure that Wilson was given a truly awesome sendoff. Those who wish to show their appreciation have been urged to make a donation to their local Humane Society. Let’s all do our part and pay it forward. That’s what Wilson and his family would have wanted. Please take a moment to share away, everyone.

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