Fans Are Saying Camera Crew ‘Exposed’ Magic Trick On Britain’s Got Talent

I don’t know anyone who hasn’t been amazed with a good magic trick. It could be something simple, like making a coin disappear or it could be pulling a rabbit out of a hat but it is a form of entertainment that people love.

The problem is, if you understand the secret behind the trick, it tends to take all the fun out of it.

That is why people are irritated that a camera operator for Britain’s Got Talent seems to have exposed a magician’s trick during the semi finals. Viewers were disappointed and many were wondering if jobs would be lost because of the problem.

Amanda Holden was left in tears as she was terrified by the trick for a second time. The BGT judge was taken to the basement of the building while an apparition of Florence disappeared and then reappeared a few moments later from the dark.

It was then that ‘Manda, Florence’s mother came through the mirror, took her by the hand and led her upstairs. In the end, Amanda turned around and the ghost had turned back again.

It all seems to have gone very well but, unfortunatly, the camera crew caught the magician waiting in the wings to switch places.


Taking to social media, one disappointed fan wrote: “The Haunting…anyone else see the other girl coming out of the stairs to take over from “Agatha”?”

A second viewer said: “The haunting wasn’t even real, you could see the woman change on the stairs!”

A third then asked: “Did anyone else notice the woman standing on the stairs ready to swap over on the haunting act?”

Another joked that the crew member could get the boot after messing up the trick, writing: “The haunting’s cameraman after realising he’s getting sacked for exposing the act as fake at the stairs.”

Amanda also said an apology for swearing on live TV.

She said: “I just really want to apologise if I…I know there’s kids watching. A massive apology. I can honestly say I feel terrified. It’s terrifying, amazing, thrilling. I wouldn’t want anyone to go through that. It was amazing.”

Some were quick to point out the big mistake and others were concerned about her sanity.

One person said: “Didn’t find the haunted scary or skilled but had tears in my eyes for @AmandaHolden thought it was a bit cruel.”

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