Fans Can Stay At The Real-Life ‘Dirty Dancing’ Resort And It’s Just As Magical As The Movie

Although there are many iconic movies to look back on, Dirty Dancing is perhaps the one that comes to the mind of most people. The energy that went back and forth between Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey made the movie what it is. When you also add the fact that it was shot in beautiful surroundings, it just adds to the magic of the film.

The Kellerman Resort is where the movie was filmed and it’s a dream location, regardless of whether you are talking about watching it on the big screen or visiting it in person. Perhaps you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to have your own summer romance at that resort.

You will be happy to know that it isn’t just a dream, it could be a reality. Although the Kellerman resort is a fictional location, it is based on an actual location in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains. The Mountain Lake Lodge is where the film was shot, not in the Catskill Mountains of New York. It may be a little disappointing to think about it, but then again, it offers us hope as well.

Cosmopolitan reports that the Mountain Lake Lodge was used for the film because it had a low budget. There was no way that they could have known it was going to become such an iconic movie after it was released. The resort was ideal for the setting of the storyline, which occurred in 1963. You might even appreciate knowing that a number of the cast members stayed at the hotel as well.

Vogue also reported that there are a number of spots at the resort where you can still reenact your favorite scene out of the movie. For example, the springwater lake at the hotel is one of those locations. You can stay at the Maine stone Lodge, or you can go to the front lawn cottages and the historic rustic cabins. That is where many of the cast members stayed. Although the rooms have been renovated since that time, you will still enjoy being in such an iconic location.

The Mountain Lake Lodge had been neglected and the lake was almost dried up for practically 10 years before new management came onto the scene. They had a new vision for the hotel, got a new manager and decided that they would make use of the Dirty Dancing name.

The general manager, Heidi Stone spoke to ABC News and said: “So many people come here to see the Kellerman’s Mountain House depicted in the movie. It’s a great story and when we decided to tell it and take the focus off a lake with no water and on what our customers wanted, that’s what brought us to where we are today.”

Every year, you can take part in one of the four Dirty Dancing Weekends. There are many themed activities that include tours of movie locations, a scavenger hunt and a party, the ‘Come as Your Favorite Movie Character’. There are also lawn games and group dance lessons.

Even if you aren’t a fan of Dirty Dancing, you will love the beauty of the facility.

The history of the resort stretches back into the 1800s and the Civil War. You will also appreciate the restaurants, Harvest and the Stony Creek Tavern, even though the dining may be somewhat different than the film. It is also possible to host events at the facility, making it a great place to hold a wedding.

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