Firefighters Let Home Burn To The Ground Because Of What They Found Inside

Firefighters are known for risking their lives everyday to save the lives of others.  That’s why it’s so unusual to hear that firefighters were actually instructed to “let it burn”

This video of firefighters burning down a home has attracted so much attention online.

Neighborhood Nuisance

Since 2010, the city council of Pana, Illinois has been receiving complaints from concerned neighbors.

It turns out there is an abandoned home on one of the city’s residential streets. The home had become infested with cockroaches and was spreading to nearby homes.

Even after the council agreed to use bug bombs inside the condemned building, the German cockroaches inside seemed almost resistant to it.

The German Cockroach is best known for its knack of breeding quickly, which makes an infestation even tougher to exterminate.

Left with no other choice, they took drastic measures and called in the fire department.

But this time they were not trying to save the building, they were given orders to burn it down.

A Ring Of Fire

This method is called a controlled burn. A controlled burn is not unheard of, and fire departments have experience setting controlled burns for firefighting training.

The tactic is mainly used to control forest fires, not on residential streets where kids play in a park a few feet away.

The tough cockroaches will burrow into a building’s foundations and would scatter if the home was destroyed any other way.

They first started digging a fire trench and burned the entire structure to the ground.

An entire company of firefighters was on hand just in case things didn’t go according to plan.

After the home was burnt to the ground firefighters put out the flames and did a thorough inspection of the property.

No live roaches were found in the ashes, the extreme extermination was a success.

Would you want this to happen next to your house?



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