Foster Cats Are So Attached They Intertwine Each Other’s Paws

Homeless cats tend to face an uphill battle when it comes to being adopted. Once cats have been living on the street for any length of time, they lose their appeal to potential adopters. Most adopters want to take home a cute kitten, as opposed to an older cat that has fallen on hard times. The adoption process becomes even more challenging when cats have bonded with one another.

This is the conundrum facing these two cats. They are living together in a Florida foster home currently. Anyone who is looking to take home will have to take the other, as well. These two are a package deal! They will not let go of each other, no matter what. Can you believe that they even hold each other’s paws? This is just too cute for words.

Rosa is the black cat and Lily is the Siamese. These two were destined to be pals from the very beginning, it seems. Rosa’s foster mother Andrea says that the cat was “seriously underweight and sad” when she first arrived at the foster home. She works with the good folks at St. Francis Society Animal Rescue to make sure that cats like these have decent homes.

Rosa had only been living with her for a few days when she got the call about Lily. She was also in rough shape when Andrea first met her. In her words, “she looked like a skeleton”.

The cats were in desperate need of help and it is easy to see why they bonded with one another so quickly. Lily was struggling to regain her strength but Rosa was happy to help.

The two developed the sort of bond that simply cannot be broken. It became obvious to Andrea that they would need to stay together at all costs. There is simply no separating them for any reason.

If one of the cats goes to lay down, the other one comes with them. The same goes for either cat when they are looking to explore their new foster home.

Do you or your loved ones reside in the Tampa Bay area? Looking to provide these cats with a forever home? If you live in the Tampa Bay area and think you can give Lily and Rosa the forever home they deserve, you can contact St. Francis Society Animal Rescue.

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