‘Game of Thrones’ Filmed 3 Different Finale Endings And They Sound Better Than The Original

Game of Thrones has unfortunately come to an end. The iconic show has had a long history of leaks throughout the years. Whether those leaks were malicious or accidental, throughout the years, HBO has gone to some pretty serious lengths to try and avoid spoilers getting out. In this last season, Season 8, Emilia Clarke revealed that multiple endings of the finale were filmed.

“There’s lots of different endings that could happen,” Clark said to Forbes in 2018. “I think we’re doing all of them and we aren’t being told which is actually what’s going to happen… I think that they don’t even trust us.” 

And while that sounds like a good idea, it might not have worked the way they wanted.

For the past few weeks, afraidpart, a Reddit user who claimed to be a part of the show, has been spoiling the final remaining episodes. And they were largely accurate about what would happen. For example, they were spot on about 5, “The Bells,” as well as the series finale, Episode 6, titled “The Iron Throne.” 

A few days before the finale aired, they claimed Daenerys would begin to executions, which she did. They then went on to make another correct claim that Tyrion would be arrested. And of course, they spoiled the biggest twist ever by saying Jon would kill Daenerys in the throne room. However, what is most interesting now, are the alternative endings that the Reddit user claims were shot. 

The first ending they revealed was the one we all saw. A King’s Council formed after Daenerys’s death. Tyrion gives a speech before Bran is voted King. Everyone scoffs at Sam for suggesting democracy, Tyrion is forgiven, and Jon goes on to serve on the Night’s Watch. 

But the two others are alternative ones that we never got to see. 

Alternate Ending #1

In one of the alternative endings which was leaked by the Reddit user, Tyrion stands trial in the dragonpit, but neither Jon nor Daenerys are present. Instead, those at the trial are all three Starks, Brienne, Yara, Grey Worm, Robyn Arryn, someone in gold clothing that the writer presumes is from Dorne, and an older man with a beard and green clothing whom we’ve never seen before. It is as if all the leaders of the Seven Kingdoms are there to decide Tyrion’s fate.

It’s then that Bran recalls something Tyrion said to Catelyn Stark in Season 1, “I never bet against my family.” And Tyrion basically says the people of King’s Landing deserved to die for betraying him after he saved them from Stannis Baratheon. He’s then sentenced to death. 

Alternate Ending #2

The other outcome as detailed by Reddit user afraidpart, is a combination of both the real ending with the first alternative one. However, while Tyrion stands trial he’s aquitted and instead given a seat on the new King’s Council.

While we should take these descriptions with a grain of salt, it seems like there could be some truth behind them. Another source, who leaked very accurate details about Cleganebowl, backed up the validity of the alternate endings. 

Reddit user SuperMachoChiChiManprovided a similarly accurate account of the finale only a few days prior to airing — even claiming that Drogon would burn the Iron Throne. So the chances are that both Reddit users are legitimate.

Which ending would you have preferred or were you happy with the ending that you watched on TV?

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