Game Of Thrones Producers Mess Up Again And Leave Out A Plastic Water Bottle During Scene

We thought the coffee cup was the last debacle that we’d seen in Game of Thrones this season, but apparently not. Ending aside, there has been a fair amount of cringe-worthy production errors. It was in the sixth episode, during a scene where Samwell Tarly and Edmure Tully are in a meeting together, where you can see a plastic water bottle resting just behind Sam’s foot. It was the eagle-eyed fans who immediately took to Twitter, sharing the image with many other fans.

The incident comes hot on the back of the now-famous Starbucks coffee cup which was left on a table beside Daenerys during a key scene where the main characters are celebrating the death of the Night King during a wild banquet in Winterfell.

HBO has since edited out the coffee cup for releases to DVD and streaming services, as well as apologizing with the following statement: “News from Winterfell. The latte that appeared in the episode was a mistake. #Daenerys had ordered herbal tea.”

Unfortunately for the company that made the bottled water, the brand name on the label is not visible, meaning that whoever it was, missed out on a ton of free product placement. Too bad. 

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