German Shepherd Was Terrified Of New Sprinkler Until Toddler Helps Him Overcome His Fear

German shepherds tend to be considered fearsome dogs. That is why it is so funny to watch them express their own fears. Take the dog that you are about to meet for instance. This pup has the sort of fear that may seem silly on paper but is definitely understandable to all of the other dogs out there. He is absolutely petrified of the water and does not care who knows it.

Isn’t that adorable? These dogs might be as intelligent and courageous as they come but when it comes to water? They are not fans! Fortunately for this German shepherd, they have an awesome toddler who is willing to assist them with their fear. He may have a confident exterior but there is something about being exposed to water that makes him ill at ease.

On the other hand, babies always seem to love water and they are more than happy to spread this joy to the rest of the world. This German shepherd would likely have no problem fending off a series of attackers but all it takes is a little bit of water to send him into hysterics. The toddler is not going to allow him to be afraid any longer.

The family’s sprinkler system had become a bit of a bug a boo for the pup. He regarded the fixture with a great deal of caution. His mother tries to coax him into getting closer to it but it is his little brother who decides to intervene. After a bit of encouraging from the toddler, the German shepherd finally allows himself to get closer to the water.

The results are absolutely priceless and we are glad that we got to see this for ourselves. Once the worst case scenario finally takes place and he gets blasted with a bunch of water, the dog realizes that this is not so bad after all. Kudos to the toddler for helping the dog to overcome his fear before he missed out on all of the fun.

If you loved this clip as much we did, be sure to pass along this toddler’s adventures with his new pup friend. These two are going to be buddies for years to come, we can just feel it in our souls. Here’s hoping that they have even more fun (and that it is also captured on camera so that we can see it!)[/embed}

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