German Shepherd Thinks He’s On A Car Ride Now Watch When He Realizes They’re At The Vet

German Shepherds make for some of the best pets because they are loyal, intelligent, and protective. They’re also well known for being courageous, which is why many owners choose them as guard dogs.

Enzo, however, is a German Shepherd that isn’t too courageous when it comes to going to the vet. He’s in a car ride with his family until he realizes he’s going to see the vet. That’s when he can’t shake off his fear.

Enzo’s family just moved recently. When they did this, the allergies as a result of the environmental change became too overwhelming for the dog. That’s when the owners decided it was time for a trip to the vet.

Enzo was super excited to go for a car ride. He loves trips in the car. However, the further they got down the road, the more apprehensive he was of where they were going. The car stopped and Enzo realized where they were at: the vet. That’s when he started acting up.

Enzo started to whimper. Then he double-checked out the window. He didn’t know how to sit still when the reality hit him. His owners did their best to hold back laughter.

Dogs are often fearful of their vet. Even happy dogs will tuck their tail when walking through the front door of the veterinarian’s office. When exposed to all of the other animals, it escalates their anxiety.

Then, let’s not mention the exam. Dogs just don’t like going to the vet. There’s not a single part that is enjoyable. It’s no surprise. We don’t really like going to the doctor to get poked and prodded either.

German shepherds tend to be a bit more expressive than other dogs, though. They have quite the personality. So, when Enzo decided to show that he didn’t want to be at the vet, it was quite comical. Especially with Enzo weighing in at around 05 pounds, it was hard to see quite a big dog getting so worked up about being at the vet.

The best part is that the whole thing was caught on video so that everyone could have a good laugh at what was going on with Enzo. He didn’t want to be there, but we’re glad his owners thought to record it.

Luckily, Enzo was able to make it into the vet and he was treated for his allergies. Hopefully, it will be a while before he has to go back there.

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