Giant Rottweiler Wins Over Grandma Who Only Likes ‘Lapdogs’

The Rottweiler is not always believed to be the kindest dog. There are many who are afraid of them. They allow society’s perception to color their actions. The Rottweiler in this story is here to destroy all of these preconceived notions, though. When Mike Flanagan first brought this fellow home, he encountered some opposition. His mother in law was far from thrilled with the decision.

At her old age, she did not see the point to having a Rottweiler in the home. She was worried that the animal would knock her down and potentially injure her.

Grammy is 80 years old and she happens to be a small woman. It is easy to see why she was so afraid. She says that she is the type to prefer a lapdog. However, Mike believed that the two could get along if it came down to it.

He brought the dog home anyway. Of course, Grammy would soon learn that her dream for a lapdog would actually end up coming true…it just didn’t happen in the manner that she expected! The Rottweiler was given an adorable name: Gus. Gus also picked up an adorable habit. He wanted to sit with Grammy but he was sure to avoid incurring her wrath.

They came to a compromise. Gus could come sit on Grammy’s lap but he had to wait until he had been invited. This arrangement was easy enough to stick to at first. He was just a puppy back then. When Grammy paid him another visit a few months later, things had changed. The little puppy now weighed nearly 100 pounds. Grammy was worried that he would knock her down, even out of excitement.

Gus had no idea that Grammy was in town to pay respects to her deceased husband. However, the happy dog must have sensed that his friend was in need of a cuddle. He knew that she was in need of something. He would stop at nothing until he figured out what that was. Gus clung to Grammy for the duration of her visit. The clingy behavior did not bother her in the slightest.

As it turns out, all of her fears when it came to Gus were entirely unfounded. He is a good boy who knows how to behave himself. Gus has become a valuable member of the family and he has special relationships with each and every one of them. Let’s all stop allowing perception to become reality as far as the Rottweiler is concerned. They are a wonderful addition to almost any loving home!

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