Girl With Inoperable Brain Tumor Asks For Letters From Other People’s Dogs To Cheer Her Up

Emma Mertens is just seven years old but she has already seen the worst side of life. She was diagnosed with a brain tumor and told that she did not have long to live. Instead of getting mad or sad about it, she had a really simple request. Before she died, she wanted to receive love letters from dogs. You read that right. She wanted letters from dogs.

This is what would make her feel better and we respect her wishes. Of course, this would be easier said than done. Her family decided that they would help her with the collection. They put in the necessary calls and asked their loved ones to help out. While they were initially worried about asking for such a big favor, the family was absolutely stunned by the response.

A wide range of families have reached out to Emma. The family received so many responses, they had to set up a new post office box just to handle the influx of mail. Everyone wanted to help this little girl make her final wish come true. We are happy to see that there so many people who are willing to take time out of their day to make Emma happy.

In a world where it can often seem as if we are all alone, it is great to see a story about people who are willing to come together. This family never could have expected the outpouring of support that they received. She got letters from dogs all over the world, just like she had asked for. These pups were more than happy to let Emma know that she was important to them, too.

Small dogs, big dogs, medium sized dogs, it does not matter. She was just glad to hear from them. Even dogs that are also struggling with illness wrote to her. Her final days are going to be filled with lots of smiles and she has his parents to thank for that. While this story may not have the happiest ending, we are trying our best to see the big picture.

Emma certainly is. She is not looking for sympathy from anyone. This little girl simply wants to enjoy the rest of her life and cross everything off her bucket list while she is at it. This story should serve as valuable inspiration to the rest of us. It is never too late to chase your dreams!

If you and your dog would like to send Emma a message, you can send it to: 

Emma Mertens 
PO Box 230
Hartland, WI 53029

You can also email Emma at 

If you’d like to help Emma and her family with her medical care, you can donate to her GoFundMe campaign.

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