Guy Sees Footage Of What His Girlfriend Does With His Dog While He’s Away On Business

It is not uncommon for a dog owner to wonder about their pet when they are away from home. When owners take off the day, their pets will often get in all sorts of mischief. However, most dogs are good at hiding their tracks. Or they are simply too cute for the owner to stay mad at. Jose Perez recently got to find out exactly what his dog does when he’s away.

The results are priceless! Jose was leaving town for a business trip and so he would not be able to see his dog for a few days. His girlfriend would be watching Nina in the meantime. Jose learned that his family was not as bummed about his departure as you might think they would be, though. The security camera at his home told the entire story and we cannot stop laughing.

Jose says that he received a notification about an intruder while he was getting ready to call it a night. Of course, he was worried about his family. He wanted to make sure that his girlfriend and his dog were okay. As it turns out, he had absolutely nothing to worry about. The camera had been set off by the arrival of his girlfriend. This was not all, though.

From the looks of it, she and the dog were certainly enjoying themselves in his absence. They did not appear to be very sad about his departure. The security camera footage told the whole story. His girlfriend and the dog were having an actual dance party! Jose took it all in stride, though. He was not as miffed as you’d think he would be.

“It made my night, for sure,” he said afterwards. Jose is very realistic about the position that he holds in the dog’s life. He understands that he is essentially the third wheel in these scenarios. Instead of being jealous, he is just glad that his girlfriend and his dog still include him in all of their hilarious escapades.

He understands that Nina’s happiness is tied to the presence of his girlfriend, not him. What a kind and gracious man. If our dog was dancing with our significant other and we were not there to enjoy it, we would be peeved. It is safe to say that this dog is like a child to them. If you loved this story as much as we did, please do not hesitate to share away!

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