Guy Tweets Updates While Stepson Tries To Sneak Girl Out Of House, And Things Escalated Quickly

If you look down through your twitter feed, you will often see a lot of confrontation, depression and stressful tweets. The people who are sending them are ‘keyboard warriors’ and they will go out of their way to make their point.

That is why it is such a relief to read a twitter thread that is suspenseful and perhaps even a little mischievous.

This thread got its start when @DropsNoPanties lived up to his name and let the world know that his stepson had brought a girl home. The question was, how was he going to sneak her out of the house without his mom finding out?

And it begins:

It didn’t take very long before an international audience showed up and began demanding live updates. @DropsNoPanties was all too happy to comply.

People were loving the suspense but there were also some who felt as if he should be lending a hand to his stepson. @DropsNoPanties decided to reply, letting them know in no uncertain terms that he was old enough to make his own choices:

The audience just continues to grow. Now was the perfect time for a poll to ask the followers if they were on the side of the youngster or if they wanted the mother to catch on. 292,000 votes were cast and the majority were rooting for ‘young love’.

New drama began to unfold when she made a daring move:

It’s always great when we have something truly interesting to follow on Twitter.

At this point, our only concern is that the mother may actually have twitter and see the thread.

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