Guy wakes up in the wrong house after partying the night before and the owner’s reaction is priceless

We’ve all had nights that have provided us with hilariously embarrassing stories we’ll one day recount as our “glory days” when we’re old – and they usually involve alcohol.

Well, recently a video has surfaced that probably beats all of our drunk stories combined. An unidentified Scottish man, who is eating a Pot Noodle and drinking a cup of tea, is seen on camera describing to viewers that he woke up in the wrong house after a night of partying. The home that he ended up in, it seems, actually belongs to two bewildered strangers. The golden clip has gotten more than 70,000 views on social media and has been shared by more than 2,500 Facebook users.

Only in Central Scotland

ONLY IN CENTRAL SCOTLANDWoke up in wrong house"I'm like 'whit are you talking aboot? Ah wis here at the party last night'."Trust me man….there was no party here last night'."???????????? Buckled.

Posted by Blantyre Telegraph on Tuesday, April 16, 2019

As the now-legendary man in question states in the video, “I went to get a taxi last night. The taxi left and I came into the wrong house. I came in, got a cover and went to sleep. Instead of going back to the party I went into the house next door.”

He then adds in the kicker to the story, “A couple woke me up going ‘who are you?’ I’m like, ‘what are you talking about? I was here at the party last night’. And he went, ‘trust me man there was no party here last night’ … Thank god this woman is from Glasgow. She was like, ‘Aye we’re welcoming’. Got a cup of tea and a fag!”

Don’t think anyone will be topping that drunk story any time soon.

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