Gymnast Performs Routine That Is Now 2019’s Most Watched Sports Video

It is sometimes difficult to tell when a video is going to go viral but from the moment that anyone first saw Katelyn Ohashi and her amazing gymnastics routine, it was easy to see the levels it would reach.

Although Katelyn Ohashi is only 22 years old, she managed to achieve something that people spend their whole life trying to achieve.

As a younger woman, her gymnastic career won her five gold medals at the junior Pacific Rim championships, two gold and two bronze medals at the NCAA championships and a gold medal at the FIG World Cup.

It seems as if those metals are only scratching the surface because now her skills are known around the world.

Most people would assume that a soccer, football or baseball video clip would be the most popular in 2019 but that isn’t the case.

Ohashi’s routine video has far surpassed any other sports moment and is the most viewed sports clip of 2019 to date.

Since being uploaded in January, the video has amassed well over 40 million views on YouTube.

You might be wondering why the video is so popular. Quite simply, watching it makes you feel good because the routine is flawless.

She seems to fly through the air to Michael Jackson’s ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’.

She is doing more than complex acrobatics, she does it with style and enthusiasm. She smiles throughout the entire performance and dances happily throughout the video.

The positive energy works well with her routine and her moves are the stuff gymnastic dreams are made of. In the end, the crowd is literally screaming and she gets a perfect 10 from the judges.

Another reason why this video may be so popular is because of the current climate in the world. Seeing something like this is a nice distraction.

There just seems to be so much negativity coming from the world around us that is nice to see somebody so happy.

This was also not the first time that she pulled off a perfect 10. She landed four of them so far.

If you’re wondering if she could do it again, she already did it.

Her seventh perfect 10 was achieved in March when she was performing in Oklahoma.

In this performance, she is doing it to another Michael Jackson hit and is just as enthusiastic.

Although she does well with gymnastics, she has suffered from injuries in the past and some people tried to get her out of gymnastics.

She talked with BBC about how people had damaged her self-esteem.

“I was told that I didn’t look like a gymnast. I was told that I looked like I swallowed an elephant, or that I looked like a pig.”

Fortunately, she was able to get through those negative voices and now that she is enrolled at UCLA, she finds a lot of positive voices in her life.

This young woman has found her niche and now she is one of the most celebrated athletes at the current time. Millions of people are happy just watching her do what she does best.

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