Should Halloween be moved to the last Saturday in October?

As a kid or even a parent, it’s always hard when a holiday falls in the middle of the week and you have to go to work or school the very next day.

Halloween happens to fall on a Wednesday this year and there are some people who believe that this needs to change.

“The Halloween & Costume Association has recently launched a campaign, which includes a national petition, to move Halloween to the last Saturday of October.”

They have stipulated many reasons why they believe this should change.  Some of the benefits include the children’s safety.  The group cited that moving this scary day to the weekend will make it easier for parents to trick or treat with their kids during daylight hours and the kids won’t have to get up for school the next day tired.

“We feel the change is inevitable and that in the end, the logic behind creating a safer, longer Halloween will prevail,” HCA Chairman Kevin Johnson said in a statement.

They are looking for 10,000 supporters, with over 8500 already this is what some said:

“Halloween Trick or Treating for children would be much safer if celebrated during daylight hours, which can only happen on non-school days like Saturday,” wrote one supporter.

“it makes more sense to have it always on a Saturday so that we don’t have to worry about getting the kids home and in bed early for school the next day. Also, for most people, they wouldn’t have to worry about working that day or the day following.”

“I work in an elementary school and I see how kids are too excited the day of and too tried the day after,” wrote one teacher. “Not too much learning happening on these two days when Halloween falls on a weekday [SIC].”

Their opponents believe the “Saturday Halloween Movement” believe that the group only wants the change because of money.

“The ONLY reason they want the date changed is for money reasons. The more people trick or treat, the more costumes sold, the more money in their pocket! Get real!!” one user wrote on the group’s Facebook page. Another added, “You clearly do not know the origins of Halloween. This is just to sell more costumes and decorations. Halloween is a religious holiday for some people.”

Halloween is NOT a federal holiday thus it would need to be recognized first before a new date can become the norm.

Should Halloween be moved to the last Saturday of October?

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