Heidi Klum Revealed This Year’s Costume, Proves She’s Still The Queen Of Halloween

Heidi Klum has always been the ‘Queen of the Catwalk’ but she sure knows how to throw a Halloween party!

Klum throws a giant celebrity-filled Halloween bash every year and always shows up in the most extravagant costumes.

Klum told Us Weekly the process is so intense that she began preparing in June:

“I have to because I never want to be recognizable because I feel like I always make the biggest party and so I want people to dream and also encourage themselves to be a little more out there with their own costumes.”

Goth Pippi Longstocking, 2000

Lady Godiva, 2001

Betty Boop, 2002

Gold Alien, 2003

Red Witch, 2004

Vampire, 2005

Forbidden Fruit, 2006

Cat, 2007

Goddess Kali, 2008

Crow, 2009

Superhero, 2010

“Bodies” Cadavar, 2011

Ape, 2011

Cleopatra, 2012

95-Year-Old Heidi, 2013

Butterfly, 2014

Jessica Rabbit, 2015

Herself, 2016

The Werewolf From Michael Jackson’s Music Video “Thriller”, 2017

This year she teased several costume preparation videos to her Instagram

Slowly morphing into Princess Fiona from Shrek

“I feel like I always have to set the bar really high. I wear a lot of prosthetics, so they have to be built, so I have to do a lot of weird fittings” she told US Weekly

She even allowed boyfriend, Tom Kaulitz, to share the stage with her

All hail the Queen of Halloween

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