InternetIs Is Furious After Mom Seeks Advice About Putting Her Nine-Month-Old Up For Adoption

As of late, the discussion surrounding women’s bodily autonomy has been in the headlines. It’s something that is a very hot-button issue.

A woman on Reddit recently posted a story about being pregnant with her second child, only to give birth and Then putting him up for adoption because she couldn’t handle having two children. She was met with a lot of negativity from users who were outraged that she gave up her child.

However, the woman wanted to vent about the pressure she felt to have her second child, but her marriage became strained, she had no one from her family around to help her, and she felt like she couldn’t handle it.

She continued by explaining that she and her husband were together four years before she first got pregnant with her eldest child, and their marriage was very strong. But when the second pregnancy came around only 8 months after her first baby, it threw a wrench into things as the second pregnancy wasn’t planned.

“We weren’t ready for another child so we had a termination at 15 weeks,” she wrote.

But because her family was pro-life, when they found out they weren’t happy at all. As a result, she began to feel immense guilt and came to regret her decision. In fact, she was so upset after disappointing her mother, that she decided to try to have another baby.

“The unreasonable part of me wanted to make it up to her, and the unreasonable course of action was to have another child,” she wrote.

She then goes on to say that she “expressed to [her] family that [they] weren’t ready to have another child but they figured it’d follow the old adage, ‘it takes a village,’ and [they’d] get ample help from [her] parents,].

She was very wrong. After she had her son, her family wasn’t present to help out at all. Instead, they were even more distant – as she wrote, “straight up moved away, closed their Facebooks, never spoke to use again.” It was them punishing her for having her abortion, and no second child was seeming to make up for that. Without the support of her family, both the woman and her husband found themselves overwhelmed and in a situation where they wanted to put their second child up for adoption.

She wrote, “We now have a 2-and-a-half year old daughter and a 9-month-old son. My marriage is beginning to get strained. We weren’t ready for a second child and honestly, I’m not sure we ever really wanted more than one.”

For the woman in question, she felt that adoption was the suitable answer for all parties involved as not just would he be “raised in a better household,” but also “maybe our marriage would repair itself, our daughter can have a better undivided life, and we can continue on our original path of just having one child,” the woman wrote about her relationship with her husband.

Naturally, when the good people of the internet read the story, many of them called her out for being insane, telling her she needs help or that her decision would completely mess up her son and his life.

What do you think of this woman’s story?

Source: Reddit

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