Jimmy Kimmel asked millennials to read an analog clock and they failed

Jimmy Kimmel Live! often likes to ridicule the younger generations, particularly the millennials, who’ve become his favorite target for some time now.

The 51-year-old Kimmel’s latest edition features the “Can You Do It?” challenge, where he tests young people to see if they’re able to tell time on an “old” clock. This isn’t the first time that Kimmel has shown a fascination for how young people understand historical events and everyday life from “his day.” In the past, we’ve seen Kimmel pit millennials against senior citizens in a game show. He also seems very keen on his segment “Can You Do It?” which challenges younger people to do seemingly simple tasks.

His latest challenge involved clocks – with so many digital clocks and smartphones nowadays, it seems as though the younger generations have forgotten there are still some analog clocks floating around. Reading them can be a bit of a challenge, especially when dealing with Roman numerals. You can see for yourself the latest challenge:

To be fair, the people picked for the segment probably aren’t this generations best and brightest, but at least they are good sports and make an effort. But in the audience of Jimmy Kimmel Live! you can hear someone cheering for the incorrect answer, showing that its probably a common problem across the generations.

If you’re familiar with Kimmel’s show and this segment in particular, then you know that the clock reading challenge is one of the simplest tasks in a grouping of fairly easy tasks. Kimmel isn’t the first person of late night television to go mocking millennials but he’s certainly doing it with a better flair than anyone else.

In his show, he’s gathered plenty of other examples that make the millennial generation look incompetent – from difficulties with naming countries to struggling with paint cans, there’s no telling what Kimmel and his writers will come up with to challenge millennials on the streets.

Of course, this generational mocking can go both ways, as there are plenty of young people who roll their eyes whenever an older person attempts anything having to do with technology or social media. But so long as it all stays in good fun, what can be the harm?

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