Jimmy Kimmel Asked People If Homo Sapiens Should Be Saved From Extinction – Proves We’re Doomed

Jimmy Kimmel often loves o take questions out to the streets to test the intellect of the average American. The results are often quite hilarious, but tragic at the same time when viewers realize that there’s some pretty dense people out there. Recently, Kimmel’s street team went out to find out the public’s opinion on the current plight of the Homo Sapiens, and whether or not their species should be saved.

Naturally, anyone would know that when referring to Homo Sapiens, they really mean us: humanity. Some of the catastrophic fails are definitely a tribute to the American education system, and yet another child left behind.

For some people, they genuinely don’t know, but the infuriating part – as funny as the results may be – is that they try to fake their way through. The people don’t ask for further information and just try the age old “fake it till you make it”. It’s a prevailing attitude that is very common, and probably can be used in a way to explain why the United States often ranks so low on current tests for intelligence and education.

So the question posed to the public was a simple one: are Homo Sapiens worth saving?

One of the people stopped on the street gave a pretty honest answer when she said, “I don’t know what a homo sapien is. If they’re going extinct, that’s very sad. But at the end of the day, I don’t care.”

So what do you guys think? What would your answers have been? Is humanity doomed with its clear lack of knowledge?

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