How To Keep Your Dog Calm During The Fourth Of July Fireworks

Dogs enjoy summer just as much as we do the one thing some dogs don’t enjoy is July 4th fireworks.

The holiday is filled with food, family an fun but pet owners should be aware that every year there is a new story that pops up about a dog being so scared during fireworks they run off . It’s important to make your pet feel included in the festivities but you should have a plan during fireworks.

It’s the same with thunder storms.  Some dogs are perfectly calm while others are a panicked mess.  Firework booms and thuds are the same thing.

If your dog is  conditioned to a noisy environment, he may have no problem with the booming. However, dogs are far more sensitive to fireworks’ vibrations than humans, so it’s best not to take any chances.

“It’s the loudness of the fireworks themselves and the vibrations — the percussion of those fireworks — that they feel,”

“Fireworks also often accompany other loud gatherings or events, which can be confusing or upsetting to pets.”

So how do you help keep your dog safe and sound during the holiday?

Dog display their fear in a number of ways like shaking, pacing, panting or whining can all be signs of distress.  Dogs may also try to hid in a small dark place for comfort.

 “Some dogs also cling to their owners, destroy property, soil the house or injure themselves when they hear a noise that upsets them”

They can make attempts to flee or escape by chewing, scratching, digging or jumping out windows.

Avoid Large Crowds

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