Koko Is Sending A Message To All Of Mankind From Beyond The Grave

When Koko the gorilla recently passed away, the world stopped in its tracks to mourn her. Her ability to communicate with humans with the use of sign language has endeared her to everyone that she comes across. Robin Williams became close friends with Koko and when she was alerted about his death, she experienced the sort of grief that some might not expect an animal to understand.

Koko mastered sign language and this made her popular but it was her empathy that made her a hero to so many. The better she became at communicating with the world around her, the more people started to wonder how she was able to do so. While some might not believe that a gorilla would have much to contribute, Koko had a lot to say during the course of her life.

Before she passed on, she decided to share one final message with humanity and her words are more important now than they have ever been before. The United Nations Climate Change Conference inspired her to let the world know that she would be affected by climate change if the powers that be were not willing to make the right decisions going forward.

Koko let them know that she loves the Earth and that the “stupid” men were hurting the planet that she cares for so deeply. She wants them to fix Earth before any further damages take place. We can relate to this message. The part of the video where she is clearly deep in thought is easy to relate to. Who among us hasn’t spent time considering the environment like this.

The idea that a gorilla could care this deeply about the future of the environment truly touches our hearts. If only humans cared as much as she did, we would be in much better shape. Instead, we have a government full of climate change deniers who ignore the simple fact that are right in front of our faces. Hopefully, Koko’s message makes it through to these people.

It should be clear as day to anyone that changes need to be made immediately. Thanks to Koko’s message, she can continue to teach us from beyond the grave. Would you like to find out more about what Koko has to say? Please be sure to check out this awesome video so that you can learn everything you need to know about this important message.

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