Lost Dog Living On Street Cries With Joy When His Owner Finally Finds Him After 3 Years

Giorgi and Jorge are from the nation of Georgia and the two shared a special bond. Unfortunately, Jorge went missing and this even caused Giorgi to experience a great deal of sadness. This tragic event tested their connection but the love that they share for each other never wavered. Jorge first vanished in 2015 and Giorgi spent a great deal of time looking for him.

The dog did not turn up and Giorgi told his friends and loved ones to keep an eye out for him. After awhile, the situation started to look hopeless. Even the most optimistic people would have decided to move on at a certain point. However, the three year search finally culminated in one of the most precious moments that you are ever going to have the chance to witness.

Staffers at a local business would soon come across a dog that matched the description that Giorgi had provided. After three long years, Jorge had finally come home. Some might be wondering if the dog simply happened to look similar and others might believe that this is all just wishful thinking. The video that you are about to watch says it all, though.

There was no doubt in either of their minds. All it took was one look at one another for all of the old feelings to come flooding back. The cries of joy and the big smiles will melt your heart. Seeing these two become reunited made our day and it is going to make yours, too. Giorgi says that he had never seen Jorge look this happy before.

Dogs have powerful memories, whether people realize it or not. A dog that has not someone in three years can still recognize them with relative ease. We have no idea how Jorge was able to survive for so long without any assistance but this is one resilient dog. Perhaps all he needed was the hope that he would one day be able to see his owner and jump into his arms again.

Once you have finished drying your eyes, do not hesitate to share away. This is one of the most touching clips that you are ever going to see and it is our pleasure to pass it along. We hope that these two pals are never separated for an extended period in the future. Hopefully, they will never have to experience the pain of parting ways again.

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