Man Can’t Find His Dentures, Finds Dog With A Brand New Smile Instead

Dogs are awesome animals and they make our lives better in a number of different ways. They are loyal to us at all times, make us feel better when we are down and sometimes, they are even able to make us laugh. The dog in this story is a prime example of the last part of that statement. When dogs are treated well, they tend to treat us well in return.

This is part of their charm. Their hilarious antics never seem to get old and this dog is here to bring down the house with their showstopping performances. Having a dog that likes to get into mischief can be a gift and a curse. At least, we are sure that is what this dog owner is saying. This Shih Tzu decided to play quite a track on their grandfather.

Eunice is the owner responsible for this story and our furry friend is named Maggie. The oldster was taking a nap on his couch and Maggie was not about to let him sleep in peace. Because of his advanced age, he wears dentures. Of course, the man was not about to sleep in his dentures. As anyone who wears them can tell you, they are rather uncomfortable by nature.

When Grandpa woke up, he was puzzled to find out that his dentures were totally gone. At first, he blamed himself. Maybe he had just set them down in a different place and forgotten about them? During the hunt for the missing teeth, he came across Maggie. The silly pup was just hanging out underneath a living room table like nothing had happened.

It did not take long for the secret to be revealed. Maggie was the one who had swiped his chompers. When Maggie grinned at Grandpa, he could not help but to chuckle. Who wouldn’t laugh at a cute little dog who is clad in dentures? We cannot get past one major thing here: how did the dog manage to put the dentures on so nearly?

We would have thought that the dentures would end up being destroyed but Maggie wore them perfectly. We are sure that Grandpa will be more careful about where he puts the dentures in the future. Hopefully, he had the chance to give them a thorough cleaning before putting them back into his mouth. Thank you, Eunice. These photos have made our day.

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