Man Gets Revenge On Nosy Neighbor By Having A Mannequin “Party” In His Front Yard

The saying “good fences make good neighbors” has been tried and tested for generations, as fence disputes are usually one of the most common reasons for feuding homeowners.

One such neighborhood feud has resulted in a very creative, if not slightly bizarre nude mannequin “party” in Santa Rosa, California.

Jason Windus says he got inspired for the quirky backyard party after his neighbor complained that his fence was too high. Instead of finding a solution, Windus says his neighbor immediately cited him for a bylaw violation as his 6-foot fence was “blocking” a street corner, thus obscuring visibility.

If Windus didn’t to lower his fence, he was challenged with a daily fine.

Regarding his stern warning, Windus told ABC 6, “It’s very serious. They made me freak out.”

Windus says he immediately changed out his fence for one that was a measly 3-feet high, but then arranged his mannequin group on his patio furniture. He says the strange party is serving as a nod to his nosy neighbor, hoping he’ll learn a lesson as to why people build 6-feet fences in the first place: privacy.

“They wanted me to tear down my fence to see inside my yard. And now they get to,” he explains.

Windus says his mannequins were originally acquired for target practice, but then they came in handy when he was inspired to set up his little garden soiree.

He even included an “invitation” to the party on display for the nosy neighbor who first complained about the fence.

Windus has also added that his other neighbors are in full support of him and his mannequins.

While Windus is certainly getting the last laugh, he admits he’s less than thrilled about the new, shorter fence. He says it’s too low and won’t properly keep his two big dogs in the yard, so now they’re cooped up inside.

He is hopeful that in having to stare at the mannequins day after day, the neighbor will eventually reconsider his complaint.

“I’m waiting. If they didn’t like the fence, how do they like this?” Windus said.

Only time will tell if the mannequin party will achieve the ultimate goal Windus wants or not. What do you think of his neighborly revenge?

Source: ABC

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